You’ve all heard the rumors, the relentless reverberations of buzz and hype and hope emanating from the half-lit corridors and desirable corner tables of power in the cruel yet strangely captivating dream factory that is Hollywood. Well, fine. It’s true: Sandra Boynton is producing and directing films. We have the logo to prove it.

Before moving on to direct powerful and unflinching panoramic historical literary dramas, Boynton is starting with short films—quasi-music-videos, though with all the grimly straightforward logic you’ve come to expect from a Boynton product. The first release is ONE SHOE BLUES (based on the wildly popular track originally from the Blue Moo album) starring the incomparable B.B. King, along with several sock puppet unknowns. It’s shot on actual film and is glorious to behold on the big screen, but you can see a scaled-down-for-computers version right here and now.

And if you want to go behind the scenes, where all the cool kids go, here’s the searing 7-minute documentary, The Making of One Shoe Blues.

And if you want to see something really peculiar, watch the Sock Puppet Screen Tests.

The ONE SHOE BLUES release date is October 26, 2009 as a DVD/Storyboard Book, from Workman Publishing. Worldwide theatrical release will surely follow.

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